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The last album of the famous Jazz at the Pawnshop sets recorded live at the famous Old Town Jazz Club Stampen Pawnshop in Stockholm, Sweden. Recorded on the second night of a memorable live performance in December 1976, that night the Arne Domnérus quartet was augmented by Lars Erstrand on vibes. One of the best sounding live jaz recordings ever made.

Genre: Jazz
Label: Proprius
Format: 33 1/3
Date Released: November 10, 2017

In an advertisement for Proprius some years ago, the label's founder Jacob Boëthius wrote: “A small record company can’t afford to put out bad discs. And you, the music lover, must be confident that what you buy is good”. He was aware that, in the final analysis, quality is what counts with regard to clients, record buyers, artists and sound engineers. Being considered an “audiophile label”, quality in every aspect has been the hallmark of Proprius for over 30 years, and so it will continue.

Proprius’ repertoire consists mainly of music by acclaimed Swedish and Scandinavian composers and artists. The label has a large collection of remarkable organ, religious and baroque music interpreted by choirs, vocal soloists and soloists performing various instruments such as brass, cello, flute, guitar, harpsichord, piano, string quartet, violin. The catalogue also includes several works of composers such as Bach, Mozart and Schubert.





Lars Erstrand, vibes
Arne Domnerus, alto sax, clarinet
Bengt Hallberg, piano
Georg Riedel, bass
Egil Johansen, drums



Track Listing:


01. Now's the Time
02. Out of Nowhere
03. In a Mellow Tone
04. Take the A Train
05. Jeepers Creepers
06. Struttin' with some Barbeque