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The 19th century suites with their collection of favorite songs and instrumental excerpts from operas are the clear forerunners of today's "Best Of" culture. The Carmen Suite was assembled after Bizet's death and brought the operatic masterpiece into the concert hall. The overture is fresh and rousing, the toreador theme marches in proudly and purposefully, followed by the destiny motif in the minor key which burns itself into ones ear and mind. With every bar it becomes obvious that this suite is not so much a series of excerpts but rather the true substance of its creator's musical ideas.

Georges Bizet (1838 - 1875)
Carmen Suite
Side One:
1. Prelude, Act 1
2. Prelude, Act 4 (Aragonaise)
3. Prelude, Act 3 (Intermezzo)
4. Prelude, Act 2 (Les Dragons d'Alcala)
5. Scene des Contrebandiers, Act 3
6. Habenera, Act 1
7. La Garde Montante, Act 1
8. Danse Boheme, Act 2
L'Arlessienne Suite
Side Two:
1. Prelude
2. Minuetto
3. Adagietto
4. Carillon
5. Menuet
6. Farandole