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Genre: Bossa
Label: Music Brokers
Format: 33RPM
Release Date: January 20, 2023

For a big part of the last 25 years, the British band Coldplay has consistently delivered hit after hit, even when the music landscape has changed enormously. From “Shiver” and “Yellow” in 2000 all the way to their most recent collaborations with The Chainsmokers and BTS, they have developed a knack for catchy melodies and engaging lyrics. Now, here’s “Bossa N’Coldplay” the new installment in our ever growing collection of Bossa Nova-tinged albums, it is time for Coldplay’s catalog to be revamped by fantastic performances by Groove Da Praia, Sarah Menescal, Freedom Dub, Ituana and Michelle Simonal among others. All their hits are here including “ Clocks”, “Speed Of Sound”, “Viva La Vida” and “Fix You”. Accompanied by fantastic artwork, Bossa N’ Coldplay is a brand-new addition to the Bossa N’…collection in vinyl format.

1. Speed of Sound - Groove Da Praia & Michelle Simonal
2. Princess of China - Amazonics, Ituana & James Farrelli
3. Yellow - Brazil Xxi & Cassandra Beck
4. The Scientist - Freedom Dub
5. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall - Banda Do Sul & Cassandra Bec
6. Something Just Like This - United Rhythms of Brazil & Dinah
7. Clocks - Sarah Menescal & Anakelly
8. Viva La Vida - Michelle Simonal
9. In My Place - Scubba & Ituana
10. Trouble - Ghetto Blaster Ltd. & Sarah Menescal
11. Everglow - Sao Vicente & Eve St. Jones
12. Fix You - Nova Bossa Ltd. & Mayla Da Viola