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Top of the line double-shielded α (Alpha)-OCC conductor interconnects, power cords and digital cables featuring extraordinary build quality and Formula GC-303 antimagnetic EMI-absorbent modules surrounding the cable offering greater resolution, more powerful dynamics, and virtuoso performances from all your components. All connectors are rhodium-plated for optimal signal transfer.


•Double-shielded α (Alpha)μ-Conductors eliminate radiated noise 

•Formula GC-303 Antimagnetic EMI-Absorbent Modules surround each cable 

•High performance beautifully engineered rhodium-plated IEC [FI-25 (R)] and power connector [FI-25M (R)] 

•Male: Rhodium-plated nonmagnetic pure copper 

•Female: Rhodium-plated phosphor bronze 

•Furutech’s unique wire-clamping mechanism guarantees ultra firm connections for Furutech Pure Transmission signal 

•Twin Flexible PVC sheaths improve vibration isolation. 

•Insulated with high-quality polyethylene PE reducing capacitance

•Results in greater resolution, clarity, powerful dynamics, and an ultra-quiet soundstage in which music 

 develops more fully without artificial upper-frequency “presence region” glare. 

•GC-303 allows a deeper, tighter bass to form a solid foundation for the rest of the frequency range, better defining the original recording’s venue. Natural, unforced detail reveals nuance and energy for an engaging musical experience.

α (Alpha) Conductor Is Composed Of Fine PCOCC Wire Strands

Treated With Furutech’s α (Alpha) Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Process