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13th Studio Album On Vinyl LP!

Green Day have announced a new album called Father of All… and released the title track as its first single. The song is bright, upbeat and a big departure from the tone of 2016’s Revolution Radio, their most
recent record. Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong : “Rock and roll sometimes has become so tame because people are, a lot of rock acts are always trying to look for the feel-good song of the year or something, everything gets really watered down and wimpy, and I think rock music should make you feel bad”. “We live in just the time of complete and total chaos- or else we’ve always been, but now it’s turned up
to Trump. So the new album is just trying to reflect what’s going on.”

Genre: Rock
Label:Reprise (Holland)
Format: 33RPM

Side One:
Father Of All...
Fire, Ready, Aim
Oh Yeah!
Meet Me On The Roof
I Was A Teenage Teenager
Side Two:
Stab You In The Heart
Sugar Youth
Junkies On A High
Take The Money And Crawl