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Fifth Studio Album On Double LP!

The fifth studio album from Katy Perry, marks a 'new era' for the singer and contains three singles released prior to the album "Chained To the Rhythm", "Bon Appetit", and "Swish Swish". "Save As Draft" was the fourth single.

Genre: Pop Rock

Label: Capitol

Format: 33RPM


Side A:

1. Witness

2. Hey Hey Hey

3. Roulette

4. Swish Swish (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Side B:

1. Deja Vu

2. Power

3. Mind Maze

4. Miss You More

Side C:

1. Chained To the Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley)

2. Tsunami

3. Bon Appetit (feat. Migos)

4. Bigger Than Me

Side D:

1. Save As Draft

2. Pendulum

3. Into Me You See