Lyra Kleos SL MC Phono Cartridge

Super-Low-Ouput Lyra Kleos SL Phono Cartridge Produces Smooth, Detailed, Fast, and Rich Analog Sound: Special-Order Version of Kleos Yields Deeper Details and Increased Resolution

Designed as the replacement for the much lauded and respected Lyra Helikon, the Lyra Kleos SL MC phono cartridge plays with smooth, detailed, fast, and rich sound that helps make it the best overall value model in its price class. Hand-made in Japan and designed by analog expert Jonathan Carr, Kleos SL benefits from precision engineering and an array of enhancements that include "new angle" geometry on the boron cantilever, a line-contact stylus, and supreme resonance control via its massive body. There's no way words can adequately describe the depth, detail, and imaging Kleos SL will wring from your music collection. Nor is there any comparable substitute for the emotional responses you will enjoy from hearing your vinyl LPs sound so lifelike and engaging. In every regard, this is a cartridge that belongs in the high-end hall of fame.

Type: Medium weight, medium compliance, low-impedance, low-output moving coil cartridge
Stylus: Lyra-designed long-footprint variable-radius line-contact nude diamond (3um x 70um profile, block dimensions 0.08 x 0.12 x 0.5mm), slot-mounted
Cantilever system: Solid boron rod with short one-point wire suspension, directly mounted into cartridge body
Coils: Single layer, 6N high-purity copper, square-shaped chemically-purified high-purity iron former, 2.7ohms self-impedance
Output voltage: 0.25mV@5cm/sec., zero to peak, 45 degrees (CBS test record, other test records may alter results)
Frequency range: 10Hz ~ 50kHz
Channel separation: 35dB or better at 1kHz
Compliance: Approx. 12x10-6cm/dyne at 100Hz
Vertical tracking angle: 20 degrees
Cartridge body: One-piece machining from solid 7075 alloy billet, with reduced-surface higher-pressure headshell contact area, partially non-parallel shaping, phase-interference resonance-controlling mechanism, and body threaded directly for mounting screws
Cartridge mounting screws: 2.6mm 0.45 pitch JIS standard
Distance from mounting holes to stylus tip: 9.5mm
Cartridge weight (without stylus cover): 8.8g
Recommended tracking force: 1.65 ~ 1.78g (1.72g recommended)
Recommended load directly into MC phono input: Determine by listening,
Recommended load via step-up transformer: Use a step-up transformer designed for 2 - 3 ohms cartridge impedance. The transformer output must be connected to standard 47kohm MM-level RIAA input, preferably via short, low-capacitance cable
Recommended tonearms: High-quality pivoted or linear tangential tonearms with rigid bearing(s), adjustable anti-skating force, preferably VTA
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