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Genre: World
Label: Fone (Made In Japan)
Format: 33RPM, 

180-gram natural color transparent vinyl
Made in Japan
Pure analog recording and cutting
One-stage plating proces; limited to 496 copies

This is the first live vinyl album by duo Musica Nuda — Petra Magoni and Ferruccio Spinetti recorded during the "Musica delle Tradizioni Festival" — September 2016 in Vicenza.
Thanks to the presence of the public of the Teatro Comunale di Vicenza, Petra Magoni's voice and Ferruccio Spinetti's double bass gave life to an even more exciting and extraordinary interpretation. Verso Sud is a musical journey in Southern Italy and in the world in pure Musica Nuda style, that is "instinct and freedom" both in the choice of the repertoire and in the way of interpreting it, lightly but never without respect.
The mastering for vinyl was realized by Giulio Cesare Ricci using the fully analog and tube system Signoricci. The master was recorded with the AMPEX ATR 102 (Electronic Tube Ampex Model 351-1965) 2 tracks 1/2 inch 30ips modified by David Manley.

An album not to be missed!

Petra Magoni, voice
Ferruccio Spinetti, double bass

Side A
1. I Giorni Di Festa
2. Disamistade
3. Samba E Amor
4. Amazing Grace
5. Intro Amara Terra
6. Amara Terra Mia
7. Passione
8. Verso Sud
Side B
1. Caruso
2. Io So
3. Io So Che Ti Amero' (Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar)
4. Anema E Core
5. Abbasso Il Contrabbasso
6. Vuelvo Al Sur
7. Te Voglio Bene Assaje
8. O Sole Mio