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Over the course of more than three decades, guitarist Pat Metheny has set himself apart from the jazz mainstream, expanding and blurring boundaries and musical styles. His record-setting body of work includes 20 Grammy Awards in 12 separate categories; a series of influential trio recordings; award-winning solo albums; scores for hit Hollywood motion pictures; and collaborations and duets with major artists such as Ornette Coleman, Steve Reich, Charlie Haden, Brad Mehldau, and many others. His band the Pat Metheny Group, founded in 1977, is the only ensemble in history to win Grammys for seven consecutive releases.

Genre: Jazz
Label: Warner Music
Format: 33RPM

Pat Metheny, electric and acoustic guitars, guitar synth, electronics, orchestrionics, synths
Chris Potter, tenor sax, bass clarinet, soprano sax, clarinet, alto flute, bass flute
Antonio Sanchez, drums, cajon
Ben Williams, acoustic and electric basses
Guilio Carmassi, piano, trumpet, trombone, french horn, cello, vibes, clarinet, flute, alto sax, wurlitzer, vocals

LP 1 - Side A:
1. On Day One
LP 1 - Side B:
1. Rise Up
2. Adagia
3. Sign of the Season

LP 2 - Side A:
1. Kin (<-->)
2. Born
LP 2 - Side B:
1. Genealogy
2. We Go On
3. Kqu