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Compilation Album On Double LP!

Genre: Pop Rock
Label: Parlophone
Format: 33RPM,
Date Released: June 7, 2018

The greatest hits compilation album released in 2000 contains 19 of the biggest hits by Spandau Ballet.

Spandau Ballet lasted ten years, a career arc that spanned the Eighties in perfect symmetry, from the nightclubs of Soho and Ibiza to Hollywood and the stadiums of Europe and Australia. Along with the other bastions of New Pop, Spandau Ballet defined the decade - proving, perhaps, that eyeliner, tartan capes and the variances of the Linn drum are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Side 1:
1. Gold
2. True
3. Only When You Leave
4. This Is The Love
Side 2:
1. Lifeline
2. Communication
3. Instinction
4. Chant No. 1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On)
5. To Cut A Long Story Short
6. The Freeze
Side 3:
1. Musclebound
2. Paint Me Down
3. She Loved Like Diamond
4. Round And Round
5. Highly Strung
Side 4:
1. Fight For Ourselves
2. Steal
3. I'll Fly For You
4. Through The Barricades