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Tube amplifier hand-made construction with the finest point-to-point wiring.

Two EI output transfomer with wide bandwidth are applied.

Specially designed toroid transformer for power supply.

Audio grade Takman carbon resistors for a better sound.

5BK7A has been used for voltage amplification and drive amplification.

Rectifier RCA 25AX4GT has been used for independent power supply.

Four KT88 tubes are used for AB1 push-pull amplification.

Designed with Triode and Ultralinear selection. It ouputs soft, clean original sound if operated in Triode Mode. Otherwise it output open, bold sound in details if operated in Ultralinear mode.

External user BIAS adjustment is accessible with the BIAS meter for monitoring on the top of the amplifier.

With Bluetooth input.

Equipped with easily-installed tube cover for protection.