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Genre: OST
Label: Nippon Columbia

First time on vinyl since 1986
Limited Edition
Includes Full Color Printed Insert + Obi Strip
GREATEST HITS FROM THE ORIGINAL DRAGON BALL TV SERIES REISSUED FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1986! Unless you want to drop a small fortune on an original pressing, this is the best way to listen to rare tracks like the dramatic ballad “Aoki Tabibitotachi” or the “Thriller” parody “Fushigi Wonderland.” The album starts with the opening theme “Makafushigi Adventure!” performed by legendary voice actor Hiroki Takahashi and ends with the closing theme “Romantic Ageru Yo” performed by Ushio Hashimoto. Most of the tracks on this album are remarkably ‘80s, sprinkled with FM synthesizers, drum machines, and the occasional power rock guitar solo. A must-have for any fan of the original anime. 10 tracks on black vinyl with a sweet OBI strip featuring Goku’s face.


Hiroki Takahashi - "Makafushigi Adventure!"
Hiroki Takahashi - "Mezase Tenkaichi"
Hiroki Takahashi - "Dragon Ball Densetsu"
Ushio Hashimoto - "Mr. Dream Wo Sagase"
Hiroki Takahashi - "Aokitabibito Tachi"
Wonderland Gang - "Fushigi Wonderland"
Kohei Miyauchi - "Mutenroshi No Oshie"
Masako Nozawa - "Son Goku Song"
Toru Furuya - "Wolf Hurricane"
Ushio Hashimoto - "Romantic Ageruyo"