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The HANA-Umami Way

The HANA-Umami Blue high-end moving coil cartridge combines the vision of Master cartridge designer Okada-san with the history of unique materials, classic Japanese techniques, and modern audio engineering. The Auricle™ body design, unique and exclusive to our Umami series, is CNC machined from Duralumin. Sharing key Umami Red ingredients, including the precision-cut diamond stylus, Boron cantilever, and high-purity copper wires, then combining these with the Alnico magnet-based generator found in the famous Hana ML, creates the exceptionally musical Umami Blue.

This synergistic relationship in MC cartridge design between specific materials, unique body design, a sophisticated generator, and hand-built precision is critical for outstanding cartridge performance. This creates a memorable and emotional experience, reminiscent of a meal at a Michelin 3-star restaurant, with every element and detail working in concert.

All the major parts in a HANA-Umami Blue are manufactured in-house by Excel Sound with its rich history spanning over 50 years. Excel’s highly trained craftsmen skillfully hand assemble the HANA-Umami Blue ensuring an intensely musical experience furthering the HANA “Brilliant and Gorgeous” sound quality.

Umami Sound - Exceptional Musical Quality

Cantilever: Boron
Magnetic Circuitry: Pure Iron/Cryo Treatment
Coil Wire: High Purity Copper
Output Level: 0.4 mv
Output Balance: 0.5/1kHz
Trackability: 70 µm/2g
Channel Separation: 30dB/1kHz
Frequency Response: 15-50,000Hz
Coil Impedance: 8Ω/1kHz
Suggested Load Impedance: > 80Ω
Vertical Tracking Force: 2g
Cartridge Weight: 10.8g
Body Material Duralumin (A7075)
Body Finish Melamine Thermosetting Process (MTP)