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A 10 out of 10: British-Built Rega Planar 10 Exponentially Improves Analog Playback, Features RB3000 Tonearm, Ceramic Top Brace, Flywheel-Effect Ceramic Platter, and More

This one is certainly a 10 out of 10. Indeed, the Planar 10 turntable represents a grand evolution of Rega founder Roy Gandy's design philosophy: A low-mass, high-rigidity, super-lightweight plinth combined with an electronically controlled low-vibration motor, ceramic flywheel-effect platter, and low-mass, ultra-stiff, high-stability tonearm. Bolstered by a ceramic top brace that provides off-the-charts accuracy while creating an ideal platform between the new RB3000 tonearm and central bearing, Planar 10 also features a custom-matched PL10 power supply, advanced DSP generator, EBLT drive belt, and single-piece dust cover. Planar 10 is available with a preinstalled Apheta 3 or Aphelion 2 cartridge, or with no cartridge. Simply select from the drop-down menu above.

More than three years in development, Planar 10 delivers analog performance marked by exponential increases in detail, soundstaging, imaging, and black backgrounds. If you've ever wondered what architectural improvements in rigidity, solidity, quiet, and accuracy do for vinyl playback, Planar 10 will make such enhancements as clear as a cloudless day. As much an engineering feat as a musical instrument, it employs a surfeit of function-first parts — a Tancast 8 foam plinth, frameless design with double brace technology, ceramic brace, and RB300 tonearm included — that work in complete and total harmony. The emotional response to hearing Planar 10 spin a favorite LP cannot be summed up in words. This 'table is that magnificent.

Planar 10 Turntable Dimensions (W x H x D): 420 x 115 x 350 mm (with dust cover fitted)
P10 PSU Dimensions (W x H x D): 218 x 80 x 320 m
Turntable Weight: 4.7 kg
P10 PSU Weight: 3 kg