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Made with ultra-soft gel formulated to clean and remove dirt, dust from stylus /needle effectively.
When the cleaner appears to be grimy, just wash it with water.

The kit contains a high-quality gel-type stylus cleaner and comes with a handy extra: a steel loupe 30X - 21 mm. (diameter 21 mm. - maximum 30X magnification). With this magnifying glass you can easily check the degree of contamination of your needle and check whether it is really completely free of all dust and dirt after cleaning.

Extends the life of your stylus tip
Removes dust and microscopic dirt
Guaranteed to leave no residue
Also cleans the connection point between needle and cantilever
Reduces noise and distortion
Extremely easy to use

How to use:

1. Put cleaning gel on the turntable player base and nearby the turntable arm, make gel same height as turntable player or
little higher.

2. Open gel cover, remove plastic but do not touch gel.

3.Put down stylus/needle into gel little for a while and lift up stylus arm
(not recommended to put stylus into gel for long time )

4. Use magnifier to visually check stylus before, during and after cleaning.