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Easy to Use & Install! The Q UP Automatic Tonearm Lifter extends the life of your stylus and adds convenience to your manual turntable!

Hello music on vinyl lovers. The Q UP is a high precision device that safely lifts your tonearm at the end of the record. The Q UP can be installed in minutes, without tools, and is designed to fit on most manual turntables. Based upon a trigger and lift design, now reborn and modernized to work with either classic or contemporary turntable / tonearm combinations The Q UP can be configured for a variety of tonearm heights, thicknesses and shapes. The Q UP only interacts with the tonearm at the end of record and does NOT adversely effect the tonal quality of your system in any way. No need to worry about falling asleep with your record playing or forgetting it is playing if you get distracted.

• The base unit has an adhesive strip on the bottom which holds the lifter in place. The base unit is separate from the lifter and allows it to move horizontally for fine tuning the trigger position and also vertically for different tone arm heights.
• Lift force sensitivity is a slider that allows you to adjust how much force will be needed to lift your specific tonearm off the record. The higher the slider the gentler the lift.
• The trigger sensitivity adjustor moves the trigger allowing you to select the correct position for firing the lifter. Please note that when this adjustor is all the way up The Q UP will not work. ALL THE WAY UP IS THE OFF POSITION.
• The trigger is the part of The Q up which ultimately comes into contact with the tonearm when the record has reached the end of play.
• The tonearm lifter elevates the tonearm when the trigger is fired.

1.) The tonearm must be a pivot type and NOT linear tracking. 
2.) You will need 14 mm of space between the tonearm and the platter. Slightly less if you are setting up the lifter without the base unit. 

3.) The minimum height between the base where you will set up The Q UP and the bottom of the tonearm when playing a record is 36mm if you are using the base unit OR 34mm if you are setting it up without the base unit.

The following list of turntables is a rough guide. The Q UP should fit at least one OR all of their models. If you are not sure then please refer to the template for verification:
A.R., Artemis, Avid, EAR, EAT, Empire, Clearaudio, Denon, Goldmund, J.A. Michell, Kenwood, Kuzma, Linn Sondek, Luxman, Music Hall, Oracle, Pro-Ject, Rega, SME, Sota, Systemdeck, Thorens, Transporter, Transrotor, VPI.