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Genre:  Pop 
Label: Music Brokers
Format: 33RPM
Release Date: September 2, 2022

The Coolest Songbook of the Beatles/Red & Yellow Vinyl

Being one of the most popular albums in the history of the label, Music Brokers is happy to release Jazz And Beatles as a limited-edition double LP. The album features 24 stellar Beatles classics reinvented in jazz form that highlight the catalog of the biggest band of all time. Gems such as “Yesterday”, “Here Comes The Sun”, “Revolution” and “She Loves You” have new life with reworked versions by many of the biggest names in the nu-jazz movement including Jazzystics, Les Crossaders, The Cooltrane Quartet, Eve St. Jones and Apollinare Rossi. With stellar artwork and remastered sound, this is another essential addition to your jazz-lounge music collection in vinyl format.


- 1 -
1. Day Tripper - Jazzystics Feat. Deborah Dixon
2. Yesterday - Betty Says
3. Come Together - 48th St. Collective
4. Let It Be - Richard Eastwood
5. Oh! Darling - the Cooltrane Quartet
6. A Hard Day's Night - Deborah Dixon & Les Crossaders
7. Here Comes the Sun - Sarah Menescal
8. Honey Pie - the Bryan J. White Quartet
9. Something - Scubba Feat. Sarah Menescal
10. Blackbird - Eve St. Jones
11. All You Need is Love - Jamie Lancaster
12. Hey Jude - Renauld & the Smooth Jazz Quintet
- 2 -
1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Apollinare Rossi
2. Can't Buy Me Love - Stella Starlight Trio Feat. Lizette
3. Revolution - Celso Mendes Feat. Lua
4. Paperback Writer - Mandy Jones
5. Get Back - Jazzystics Feat. Deborah Dixon
6. In My Life - Sarah Menescal
7. She Loves You - Deborah Dixon & Les Crossaders
8. Penny Lane - the Brian J. White Quartet
9. I Feel Fine - 48th St. Collective
10. Ticket To Ride - Scubba Feat. Sarah Menescal
11. The Long and Winding Road - Les Crossaders Feat. Julie Benso
12. I Want To Hold Your Hand - Francis Trevor & Michelle Simonal