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Vibrapods improve dynamics, imaging and soundstaging.

Available in 5 versions. Model 1 to model 5 based on weight capacity.
Model 3 - For equipment weighing 14.48kg - 25.4kg;
Model 4 - For equipment weighing 25.4kg - 32.7kg;
Model 5 - For equipment weighing 132.7kg - 50.80kg

For the ultimate performance use with the Vibrapod Cones.

Vibrapods improve the performance of All HI-FI and A/V components by removing unwanted vibrations. Pop a set (4) of these feet underneath an Amplifier, CD Player, DAC , Pre-amp, Power Amp, Phono Stage, Speakers, Turntable, AV receiver etc, to be rewarded by cleaner sound and sharper video images to insure the highest level of musical and video performance.

Vibrapods are the most affordable vibration feet. These very effective dampers have been highly recommended by The Absolute Sound and Stereophile, among other publications. What appears to be just another rubber foot is actually a sophisticated design specifically engineered to efficiently dissipate vibrational energy. The Vibrapod traps air underneath its rubber body which it uses to isolate your component from external vibrations, much in the way of much more expensive air platforms. They come in 5 models based on weight capacity, A pack of 4 supporting from 3.6 Kg to 50.80 Kg in weight.. From lightweight electronics to heavy speakers, the Vibrapods will improve dynamics, imaging and soundstaging. Our Best-Selling Tweak!