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The construction consists of eight red and black conductors. Each conductor consists 7 strands cooper, which are one thick strand and seven thin brands. The conductors are braided by a special braiding technical which is across braid these conductors with certain angle. In this way, compose the cables by lots of thick conductors, in order to make the signal for treble and bass transmit in a one cable and reach the loudspeaker terminal at the same time. Therefore, avoid skin effect and the interference from kinds of magnetic field, electromagnetic induction.

SC-05 adopts OFC as the basing material. When signal transmit through the lead, there will be friction between insulation coat and conductor caused by electron, then cause heat and signal lost. Considering that, SC-05 adopt the Teflon as insulation coat which with fewest friction coefficient and best Electrical characteristic, to reduce the signal lost caused by friction and ensure the transmit quality.

SC-05 provides sound with good balance, wide sound filed and full performance. The extension for each frequency is full, and the tone is thick, transparent and Junoesque.